Monday, 28 July 2014

Lambs Barton Cottage, Crackington Haven

Dr Lee and family stayed in Lambs Barton Cottage in June and wrote this wonderful piece about their stay...

Lamb's Barton Cottage was my first choice cottage. When The Husband stepped into Lamb's Barton Cottage, he was thrilled to bits. The furniture here has character. The rooms are spacious. The floor is heated. The rooms open onto the terraced garden from where cheerful clumps of flowers smile in on us. A large table sits invitingly in the sunny outdoor eating area The television is of a decent size and the place is clean as a pin. A nice fat sofa faces a wood stove burner with ample provisions of kindling wood. Everything I can ever want is in the kitchen... even a handheld blender. I am quite happy just to stay in this house all week, reading, cooking and walking on the beach that is 10 minutes away. No need to sightsee.

The Husband grinned at me and said, "I don't mind staying here for a year." Gee... I also don't mind. 

We booked Lamb's Barton Cottage HERE. Do please book a cottage through a reputable website. NEVER transfer money straight into a strange individual's account. There have been many cases of fraud where you pay up and arrive to no cottage at all. ALWAYS pay TO a reputable agency like TripAdvisor or Cornwall Cottages (and they will in turn pay the landlord) so that you can have a fraud-less experience. In cases where the landlords insist on collecting payment directly from me, I decide not to book their property.

Lamb's Barton Cottage is a lovely place so I do hope that if readers come, they will respect the house rules. One must not throw bleach nor cleaning products into the toilet bowl (because human waste is treated via composting and bleach will kill all the bacteria needed to compost). The pretty wooden furniture can be fragile so please place hot drinks and pots onto the coasters. You would also need to water the flowers once in a while, or they will die and then other people cannot enjoy them. Just be nice to the house because it is such a lovely one.

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